Hello Shopify!

Here we begin! 

So, roughly a month ago, I was doting over the beautiful flowers that my amazing partner surprises me with all year around. As time passes, I watched my beautiful flowers fade, "What a shame, such a waste to toss such a thoughtful gift into the compost once they fade, what could i do to preserve these for as long as possible?"

Now I can already hear you creatives reeling off the many possibilities what you can recycle flowers, my top one was a flower press book mark, beautiful I know just oh my god this man showers me with flowers and chocolates you actually wouldn't believe! The just isn't enough books in the world to keep up haha! So the idea came to me, Potpouri! Trim and toast away in our air fryer until my flowers were hard, yet, brittle. Preserved and infused with lavender oil, my wilting kitchen flowers now recycled into a pretty decoration for the sitting room table. I became increasingly obsessed with more Do It Yourself little remedies and recycling, finding myself down the route of cosmetic design. 

My hair DOES NOT GROW , I have tried everything! I had lost interest in trying every product I found even the slightest curiosity to help my hair grow as to be honest, just.. nothing seamed to work! Now, another thing about my hair, its shockingly damaged due to wreak-less dying my hair, careless care for my hair and years of harsh sun direct to my hair (When I was travelling, us here in Ireland are not graced with this... sun.. people abroad know of). That been my prime reason for quitting my investment in large brand names to revive my hopeless hair, I turned to create my own Almond and Oat "Fix My Hellish Hair" scalp and hair exfoliation mask paired with a soothing rose and lavender tonic, don't worry i'll hit all you ladies with the recipe soon because WOW the results were fabulous! Have you ever had a shower and your skin just felt tighter and sssooooo so clean? That was exactly how I felt after my exfoliation and as for the tonic, move over the next Disney queen because I am a rose smelling walking goddess! 

There sprouted my encouragement to set up shop and seek out for vegan and cruelty free beauty products for us all to enjoy there-for establishing Natural Att-!-Tood. That finishes my first ever blog post to you all, here I say good night, keep safe and hopefully I can chat to you all on my upcoming videos! xx